name a new scent!

13 03 2010

i need help!  i found a great new scent, and i want to give it an adorable name to match.  the generic name is blue agave/tequila plant.

top notes of kaffir lime, lemon zest, apple, and black currant.  middle notes of lily of the valley and rose petals.  base notes of oak moss and white woods.

i think this scent smells like a lovely mexican holiday.  (though i’ve never actually been to mexico…)

send me your name suggestions, and the winner(s) will receive a $10 terra gift certificate to use at our next show- cirque imaginnaire, on saturday, march 27th.  if more then one person suggests the winning scent, all will receive a gift certificate.  contest ends tomorrow (sunday, 3/14) evening, when i’ll post the winning name and winner.

this scent has not been released, but you can get a sneak whiff at the salty not sweet boutique this weekend!  tonight until 11pm, sunday 12-4!




5 responses

13 03 2010
patti g

jardin de flores y la fruta

13 03 2010

Salty Fun Limey Times

(P.S. my really creative husband made this up.. you can thank Jeremiah for putting so much brain power into this!)

13 03 2010

Okay, I guess I don’t technically have a fully formed idea.. but since you mentioned the bottle it will be in, here are some Jamaican words for you to consider:
Scenty- means something that smells really good
Eveling- means a really nice night on the beach
Bashy- means really cool or hip
Ocho Rios- is a fun city known for it’s wild parties
Negril- the cliffside town known for beautiful sunsets and laid-back days
So, no solid ideas. But, maybe rough little bits of ideas. Nothing as good as Salty Fun Limey Times.

14 03 2010

ok, so here’s a few random and i don’t mind if you think they’re lame. 😉
blue sunset
citrus sunset
zesty fiesta

15 03 2010
stephanie renner

sparkle island

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