for the birds.

12 06 2010

and the turtles, and the fish, and the dolphins, and the everything.

british petroleum, this oil spill is enough.  ENOUGH.  i can’t fathom how it was allowed to happen in the first place, nor why it is continuing for so very long.

i also can’t grasp why it took me so long to do this, and for that i apologize, but terra’s etsy shop has now been updated- 25% of all online sales will go to the national wildlife federation for wildlife relief efforts.

if you haven’t tried terra before, now’s probably a pretty good time.  there are also oodles of online etsy shops sporting similar contributions  (search any ‘gulf coast oil spill/bp’ related term on, including a full shop dedicated to fundraising efforts.

terra’s taking hiatus for a 2 week road trip west in mid-july.  let’s check back in and see where we are then.  both oil control and fundraising wise.

thanks for the support,





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