about us

verde = green.  terra = land.

terra verde soap & candle co is a handmade body and home shop, based on the east side of cleveland, ohio. we create in both a dedicated studio space and in our home. our company focus is to inspire environmental responsibility and promote complete product functionality, while enjoying what makes life smell really good.  our products are manufactured as efficiently and responsibly as possible.  our scent signature is unique & subtle.  our packaging is simple, minimal, and recycled/recyclable whenever possible.

about our ingredients:  terra verde’s product line contains a selection of both 100% natural and blended goods. we enjoy using essential oils in our products, but we also appreciate the benefit of fragrance oils.  aside from being one of the things that make life smell really good, a synthetic fragrance oil could actually be less damaging to the environment then the bulk harvesting required for just a few drops of some essential oils.  terra verde strives for a balance between using both natural and science-based ingredients.

all terra verde soaps are vegan.

terra verde uses 100% natural soy/vegetable wax for our candles.

terra verde made it’s debut appearance at the salty not sweet indie craft show in cuyahoga falls on september 5, 2009.  the feedback we got was beyond positive, and we have since continued to be incredibly charmed by our local craft scene.

we are now a sponsor and continuing vendor of the salty not sweet brand, and are establishing ourselves locally via our presence in numerous outlets- see events & shop page for info on upcoming appearances and where-to-buy info.


6 responses

22 03 2010

working on our marketing plan today guys.. due tomorrow partly. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! wish me luck

21 11 2010
Mona Pittman

Where can I buy your candles? I’m in Virginia

13 12 2010

LOVE the lotions! Saw you at Bazaar Bizarre and bought three lotions and I love them – the Morocco is the best and the price was great.

13 12 2010

thanks so much hillary! glad you’re enjoying!

7 08 2011
dawn fox

I recently was gifted one of your lovely candles. Where can I purchase them? I live in Sebastopol, Ca.

9 08 2011

hi dawn! glad you enjoyed! i sell on etsy- http://www.etsy.com/shop/terraverdesoapco?ref=ss_profile

i will send you an email also; i don’t have a lot of candles online as they don’t sell well in the summer and shipping in hot temperatures is commonly an issue w/ soy.

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