adios! (just for a bit)

13 07 2010

team terra is road tripping west for 2 weeks.  i am wrapping up any pending business as i stuff clothes into my beautiful backpack for the trip on saturday, and then i am offline until august.

etsy will go into vacation mode on friday, and to update on the status of the gulf oil spill donation, that will continue into august.  i was wrapping candles in paper today for a local delivery and saw an old photo of an oil-slicked bird’s attempt to fly.  still angry, saddened, disappointed, disgusted, etc.  let’s keep giving support where we can.

salty not sweet will be fully stocked with terra verde before we go, so visit the lovely waterloo road when you run out of cleveland gray soap or kumquat & guava fig soy candles.

wish us a great trip, and i’ve got lots and lots of ideas to start rolling out when we return.  terra’s anniversary is the beginning of september, so look for a salty-hosted 1st anniversary party early this fall!




for the birds.

12 06 2010

and the turtles, and the fish, and the dolphins, and the everything.

british petroleum, this oil spill is enough.  ENOUGH.  i can’t fathom how it was allowed to happen in the first place, nor why it is continuing for so very long.

i also can’t grasp why it took me so long to do this, and for that i apologize, but terra’s etsy shop has now been updated- 25% of all online sales will go to the national wildlife federation for wildlife relief efforts.

if you haven’t tried terra before, now’s probably a pretty good time.  there are also oodles of online etsy shops sporting similar contributions  (search any ‘gulf coast oil spill/bp’ related term on, including a full shop dedicated to fundraising efforts.

terra’s taking hiatus for a 2 week road trip west in mid-july.  let’s check back in and see where we are then.  both oil control and fundraising wise.

thanks for the support,