clean the world, meet terra verde

20 05 2010

clean the world is an organization dedicated to distributing recycled soap products to those around the world in need.  learn more about clean the world here.  terra verde is a new start up with lots of ‘unpretty’ scrap soap from our continuing experimentation days.  as all soap donated to ctw is rebatched and/or sanitized to remove any and all impurities, they can use virtually any soap or shampoo donated: the crazy odds and ends of handmade soaps to the half-used soaps collected from hotels and resorts. 

terra verde is proud to donate 55 lbs of soap to clean the world.  we’re kinda do-gooders, so it makes me happy that this soap can be put to good use.  b/c 55 lbs is a lot of soap.  and we can only take so many showers a day.  we’re also a little bit into conservation…